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Why do I need a content writer?

If you have a site with nothing on it, how will you be found?

  • Stay visible. Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly searching for content — webpages, blogs, social media posts, videos, images, you name it — and if you don’t have anything for the engines to find, you’ll be invisible. Your competitors know this, and that’s why they rank.
  • Stay relevant. I read the news and you probably do, too. If you’re a travel company and haven’t addressed the major events in your area, your guests will definitely notice.
  • Stay up to date. Do you feel confident that the best, most reliable information can be found on a webpage that hasn’t been updated since 2004? Yeah, me neither.
  • Save time and effort. Not everyone likes writing. Some people don’t have time to blog, others don’t have the English language skills, and some just find it tedious. Maybe you do like writing, but you don’t know how to blog effectively.
  • Save money. And hiring a content writer is a great investment! Buy your blog/article/content once, use it as many times as you want. I could throw around the phrase ROI, but I think you get the gist.

Okay, but Why should I hire you of all people?

Not because I have a dog and like going on vacation. I mean, obviously I do, otherwise I wouldn’t write about this stuff, let alone make a career out of it. But chances are you like those things, too. I’m your writer because I have both the passion and the chops:

  • I have a degree in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin – Parkside and have a box full of awards and honor society pins to prove my nerdiness. 
  • I use excellent grammar, but I know when to bend the rules. While I was in college, I worked as a writing tutor, which meant I spent a lot of time proofreading, editing, and doling out writing advice. It was a short ladder, but I climbed to the top and eventually held a supervisory role over the entire learning assistance department.
  • I have life experience. I earned my BA in 2008, took a few years to pet dogs, travel the world, and have some kids. Now I’m on my chosen lifepath and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
  • I know SEO. Content is king and SEO is the crown. Do I guarantee your page will rank? No, of course not. Anyone who promises otherwise has their fingers crossed behind their back because keyword strategy is just one jewel in that crown. But do I promise to employ best SEO practices while creating relevant, researched content worth reading? You betcha.
  • Yes, I have a dog. His name is Neville. He’s a dachshund-beagle mix who enjoys destroying indestructible toys and providing lumbar support. And I grew up in a house full of pets including (but not limited to) cats, dogs, birds, frogs, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, a rabbit, a hedgehog, and even one extraordinarily friendly stick insect. 
  • Yes, I enjoy travel. I vacation at least one week a year — usually a cruise or short road trip. I studied abroad in Montpellier, France and have visited 10 other countries. Sometimes I travel alone, sometimes I take my husband, sometimes it’s a family thing. No matter where I go or who I’m with, it’s the unexpected that always makes the trip memorable. Ask me about the time I got rained out in Bermuda and saw a Portuguese man o’ war on the beach.

What do you write, exactly?

I’ve spent the last year testing out different writing niches, but I’ve found the most joy writing about my two lifelong loves: animals and travel. As a kid, I always had my nose in a Ranger Rick magazine and begged to go to the Amazon rainforest… usually so that I could see a rare animal in its natural habitat. I’m also quite fond of historical topics and the supernatural, so don’t feel restricted by the pets and travel thing. My tone is usually approachable, informative, and a little silly, but your brand’s voice comes first.

I write:

  • blogs
  • web articles
  • magazine articles
  • ebooks
  • other informative/entertaining content

All writing is done by me and me alone. I do not work with any assistants, agencies, or subcontractors, so you can be sure you’re getting the same quality writing every time.

Book Reviews

On top of everything else, I’m a prolific book reviewer. I have Top Reviewer status on NetGalley, am gaining popularity on BookSirens, and host a mildly successful bookstagram account. Like book reviews? Need a beta reader or ARC reviewer? Go check out my dedicated book review site, Jam-Packed Bookshelf.

What are your rates?

Cards on the table? It can be hard to say. I carefully tailor every article to my client’s unique needs, so there’s not a one size fits all answer. But you’re on a budget and need to know a number, right? That’s why I put together this nifty calculator.

Calculate your quote here

As of May 2021, my base rate is $0.12/word, rounded down to the nearest hundred. Select from a few popular add-ons or take advantage of discounts to find your best package. No hourly rate, no strings, no surprises.

Please note that the calculator is not legally binding, nor is it an order form. This is just for budgeting purposes.

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I can be most easily contacted via email, direct message, and social media. You could try telepathy, but no promises.

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