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Book Review: Death In Florence

Death in Florence is a fun, easy-reading travel cozy mystery with all the requisite red herrings, colorful characters, and gorgeous settings. Gourmet food, wine, villas, and live theater — it’s no wonder main character Diana falls in love with Italy!

Book reviews are moving!

Hello, book lovers! A bit of news. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been crossposting. It’s not spam, I’m just moving all book reviews over to my new dedicated site, Jam-Packed Bookshelf! Starting April 16th, all new book reviews will be published only onΒ I’ll continue crossposting until next Friday to give you … Continue reading Book reviews are moving!

Book Review: The Root Witch

If you’re in a hurry and want a good scare, this is the creepypasta campfire tale for you. 80s TV journalist Sandra is determined to get her story on Halloween night. Reports of the Root Witch have been flying around and one by one, her crew goes missing. What she does find is a shocking … Continue reading Book Review: The Root Witch

Book Review: The Donut Trap

I just loved this. All of it. Romance, complicated family relationships, food, donut jokes, and the intimate representation of a 1st generation Asian American family. Overbearing aunties, pushy besties, social media, and innovative pastry trends. The Donut Trap has it all! Jasmine Tran works more than full time at her parents’ donut shop, even as … Continue reading Book Review: The Donut Trap


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