Hello! I’m Sarah, a full time freelance writer and content creator with a positive focus on wildlife nature tourism. I’ve written hundreds of articles both in print and online, most notably in ROVA Magazine, NorthPointe Magazine, Medium, and lots of animal-related business sites.

When I refer to nature tourism, I mean enthusiastic, encouraging, nature-centric travel with special emphasis on appreciating plants and animals in their natural habitats. I’m hoping to bring more people out of their homes and into the world to enjoy wildlife as sustainably as possible. No doom, no gloom, just unabashed adoration and total geekery about our planet.

I earned my degree in creative writing and put it to good use when I started freelancing in 2020. I began with how-to guides in a wide range of niches, but at no point did I stop deep-diving into nature topics. My passion for the environment eventually drove me to read scientific texts, so I’ve become quite adept at decompressing data and untangling jargon.

When I’m not writing about stuff outside, I’m indoors working as a manuscript critic and author. I’m also the voice of In Tune Piano Supply, a family business dedicated to making piano maintenance accessible for everyone. Watch for my upcoming collaborative book, When a Piano Falls In Your Lap: A New Owner’s Guide to Used Pianos. Outside of work, I’m a casual NHL and pro skateboarding fan and competitive knitter. Currently, I live in Wisconsin with my family and spunky dachshund.

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