Book Review: Gudetama: Mindfulness for the Lazy

I’ve been reading a lot of heavy books lately and needed a break. When I spied Gudetama: Mindfulness For the Lazy on NetGalley, I snapped it up. It didn’t change my life, but it did make a nice palate cleanser.

Gudetama is adorable. This thicc little egg yolk (?) wants to do nothing more than nap, but his over-enthusiastic friend (?) insists that today is the day to learn about mindfulness. The odd couple floats around town learning and teaching others about self-love, self-respect, and staying in the moment.

Mindfulness For the Lazy discusses cutting out negative influences, staying organized, and empathy. I appreciated that not all of the characters were able to accomplish this! It’s hard sometimes, and it’s important to recognize that. 

This little graphic novel is 0% esoteric. It’s just a speedy PSA about not being a butt. 

Honestly, I thought this graphic novel would be more about mindfulness. There’s a lot about self-care and self-regulating, not so much about how to actually be in the moment. And I can’t quite pin down who the target audience would be. It’s presented in a way that would be easily digestible and even eye-opening for children, but features office drones under mountains of paperwork and adults forgetting to pick up each other from the airport. I don’t think this book was for me, but it was fun.

There are some rays of sunshine in here. From casual non-binary pronoun usage to a character who dunked on someone while using the wrong “your,” it’s the asides that make this story shine. I especially enjoyed the flowchart of how to deal with unpleasant people on social media.

If I were already a fan of Gudetama (and I can imagine it’s very easy to become one!) I’d probably enjoy this little guide more. Gudetama: Mindfulness for the Lazy is perfect for people in a hurry and those who like humor with their self-help.

Gudetama: Mindfulness for the Lazy by Wook-Jin Clark is expected to be published April 6,2021.

Thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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