Book Review: An Eye for an Eye

DI Kate Young is back on the force, working hard to solve the vicious murder of a prominent businessman, but PTSD is her constant companion. Flashbacks to a horrific mass shooting on a train car plague her every move. Her colleagues notice that she’s become confused, stressed, and is self-medicating. Does DI Kate Young have what it takes to stop a serial killer while battling her own demons?

The main mystery of An Eye for an Eye is intense, twisting, and has a satisfying payoff. The killer is creative and even though the MO remains the same, it’s a heart-pounding story every time they strike. I never could’ve guessed whodunit, but after all the evidence was laid out, it all made perfect sense. There are still so many mysteries, red herrings, and untold stories here that I am very glad that this book is clearly set up to be a series. 

The representation of life with mental illness is a thing of beauty. Too often, characters with mental illnesses are caricatured, diminished, or treated as other. DI Kate Young is still the best detective on the force, but she has unresolved trauma making it hard for her to get through the day. She may want to return to work, but her PTSD insists she take more time. The constant interruptions of her flashbacks (triggered by things as innocuous as ketchup on a french fry) and her inner struggle with addiction to the pills that keep her memories at bay is wonderfully emotional. 

The writing style is immersive and sweeping. Cinematic cut-scenes and flashbacks broke up the main storyline. Some were from Kate’s experience before the book began, some were scenes that were retold by suspects, witnesses, etc. 

This was the first book I’ve read by Carol Wyer, but this absolutely will not be the last. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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