Book Review: Look I Bought Plants

Look, if you’re a poetry buff, you’ll hate this. If you want emotional depth and life-changing poignancy to ponder until your dying day, this is not the book for you. At all.

But if you’re in that transitional period between the uninhibition of young adulthood and the disappointing reality of adulthood adulthood — and you’re ready to look in the mirror and laugh — you’ll probably enjoy this.

Look I Bought Plants is a compilation of approachable free-verse poetry that’s not about plants. The description/blurb implies that this book will dive deep into the harsh realities of millennial anxiety and offer a shoulder to cry on. It doesn’t. There are countless outstanding poets who bleed on paper and stir the soul, so if that’s what you want to read, this unapologetic book isn’t for you. These are raunchy, silly, self-deprecating, and sometimes pointless life observations in a poetic format.

Imagine if Rupi Kaur had a series of horrible Tinder dates, ate way too many burritos, and then got very drunk about it.

should i get bangs
or process my emotions
of disappointment
about where i am in my
life right now

This minimalistic book is just for fun, okay? It’s not meant to give your life new meaning. If you happen to catch your own reflection in this book, perfect. Some of it is actually very sweet and a few pieces have a broader meaning. Yes, there’s a lot of sex and body humor that may cause some readers to clutch their pearls. Oh well. Pretentious poetry, this is not.

i don’t fit into last summer’s swim suit
but it’s because i am getting thicc
so i guess that’s fine

If you can visualize a poem about bad sex superimposed over an unrelated faux-inspirational sunset pic and find that funny, then congratulations, this is your type of humor.

Look I Bought Plants (and other poems about life and stuff) by Eva Victor and Taylor Garron is expected to be released May 18, 2021.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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