If you’re searching for someone to crank out dry, boring content just to fill webspace, keep looking.

But if you’ve been searching high and low for a careful researcher and experienced writer who is not afraid of the unusual, unorthodox, or even unearthly, you’ve come to the right place.

Although I consider myself a generalist and my most popular articles have been in the home & garden, pet care, and holistic health niches, my true passion is the ultra-niche and fringe.

Nothing ignites my passion more than pursuing a challenging topic. Armed with boundless curiosity, I investigate, condense, and compose entertaining articles that are sure to surprise.

Content Creation

Starting from scratch? Just point me in a direction and I’ll take it from there! I enjoy researching colorful topics to create fresh content and informative articles with flavor.

Creative Services

I help writers assemble their thoughts into a cohesive outline, offer beta reading services, and developmental editing using the Story Grid.


For busy authors, I provide ghostwriting services that require no credit or creative acknowledgement.

Some recent nonfiction subjects include:

Gardening — Dog Breeding — H.H. Holmes — Video Games — Pianos — Crystal Healing — Ancient Egypt — Interior Design — Spirituality — Rare Animals — Travel — Bigfoot — Writing Techniques — Harry Potter — Victorian Mourning Jewelry — Mythology & Folklore — Ghosts — Invasive Plants of the American South

Need fresh content for your small niche?


Book reviews

I read a lot! It is my goal in 2021 to thoroughly review every single book I read. So far so good! I’m averaging 2 titles per week since I started reviewing ARCs in mid-January and became a top reviewer on NetGalley within a month.

Check out my new bookstagram account, Jam-Packed Bookshelf, where I post reviews, updates, and other bookish fun.

If you would like me to read and review your book, please visit my book review blog,

Jam-Packed Bookshelf.

Creative works

My short stories and other creative pieces tend toward outside-the-box genres including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, humor, and mystery. The literary world is wide and deep; I intend to explore it as much as possible.


Writer, reader, maker, all-around curious person. I live within driving distance of The House on the Rock — the epicenter of weird inspiration. I have a B.A. in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and my work has been featured all over the internet and in magazines including NorthPointe and Rova.

Get in Touch

Find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr. Pretty much everywhere. Please contact for orders and availability.